Back to Adelaide

We stopped in a couple of places on our way back to Adelaide. I also took some shots out of the driving coach. I tried to get a good shot of the windmills – I included the best shot. Not really a good shot but the best of a bad bunch.

We stopped at a lookout point to take a group foto. Paul and Katrin took shots with everybody’s camera. Unfortunately no shot in my camera.

Lisa sent me her group photo – thanks Lisa, really appreciate it.


We had a really nice evening in Adelaide talking about our experiences. A great finish to a great trip.


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Wilpena Pound Walk to Hills Homestead and Wangarra Lookout

A shuttle bus took us part of the way to Hills Homestead. We walked along Wilpena Creek to the homestead and then walked (climbed?) to the lower Wangarra Lookout, while others made it all the way to the upper Lookout. Incredible scenery from the lookout.


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Wilpena Pound – Sunrise before morning walk

The light was magical when the sun rose at Wilpena Pound Resort.


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Videos: Flight over Wilpena Pound

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Wilpena Pound

We arrived in Wilpena Pound and immediately we were fascinated by the ringnecked parrot. I had difficulties catching a photo of the parrot but in the end I managed to get some shots.

The flight over Wilpena Pound was late in the afternoon around 5pm. This really was the highlight of the trip for me. I got the seat in the front, next to the pilot. I took many photos and found it impossible to exclude any of them. I know – too many of them, but I just couldn’t decide.


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Look out over Brachina Gorge

On our last stop before Wilpena Pound we spotted a few Emus. Can you find one in the attached photos?


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Brachina Gorge – ‘Corridors through time’

The name Corridors through time was given to this gorge, because it demonstrates the different geological formations through the millions of years it took to form the Flinders Ranges. We stopped at a particularly pretty stop at water’s edge.

Onwards from the bus we saw a ring-tailed rock wallaby. It stayed around close to the track, but eventually took off. Although the shot of the wallaby taking off is blurry, I thought it was worthwhile including it on the blog as it gives an impression of the wallaby in flight.


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